Museum visits

Our tour guide systems allow museum guides to do their job professionally and discreetly, ensuring maximum satisfaction for all visitors. Groups using our equipment are able to hear the guide clearly and comfortably without overcrowding, while the rest of the museum guests will not be disturbed by guides who are forced to shout. Most importantly, all visitors can concentrate on enjoying the exposition. We provide tailored long-term leasing solutions to meet all client needs.

For the guided groups we are offering our Radio Guide

  • Wireless transmitter and receiver system
  • Compact and light 
  • Battery life is up to 50-70 hours 
  • Easy to use 
  • Disposable earphones 
  • Many channels to manage high number of groups 
  • Attractive appearance

For individiual visitors we have Pop Guide audioguide

● Pre-recorded individual audio player 
● Easy and economic device to use in historical places. 
● Has the capability to store 2 gb of recordings so one device can have many languages on it.  ● Device has a 320x240 resolution screen to display pictures and videos with the narrative.
● Possibility to use with two pairs of headsets. 
 ● Batteries are rechargeable in it´s own charging base. One base is for two devices. You can attach 10 bases for 20 devices.  
 ● Battery gives 8-15 hours of playing time.  
 ● Currently used in a number of historical sites and museums, e.g.  St. Peter`s Basilica in Vatican.  
 ● 8 to 15 % of typical visitors would like to use an audioguide.    
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