Rental tour guide systems

Do you want to organize a guided visit of your company’s facilities, but the background noise of production does not allow visitors to enjoy the visit?

Do you have a congress, an internship or a training course already planned in your mind but you cannot find an adequate translation system? 

GreenSound has a totally wireless system to offer that will allow you to communicate in every kind of environment (even indoor or outdoor) enabling you to avoid noisy inconvenience without using laborious, expensive installation equipment.

Please contact us for a quote and we will able to grant the perfect solution for your own needs! 

  • effective guiding in noisy environments e.g. city streets, factories etc.
  • silent guiding inside sensitive environments e.g. churches
  • provide the translation even outdoors – combining the translation, maybe, with a visit – with an operation range of 100 meters
  • hear guide while taking photos
  • ‘duty of care’; helps hold group together, whatever the size
  • hear every wonderful word you say with the unique warmth of guide personal style
  • helps shake off hangers-on
  • helps clients who are hard of hearing
  • organize up to 8 different languages at the same time
  • state-of-the-art, hygienic, single-use earpiece
  • simultaneous and whispered interpreting
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