Green Sound

 Green Sound is the premier provider of wireless audio systems for the tourism industry in the Nordic region.  We offer high quality, reasonably priced audio guide solutions in the Baltic Countries and Scandinavia. 

By bringing guests closer to the guide’s words, we hope to increase visitors' interest  in  the  sights  of  Northern Europe and  to  improve guest satisfaction for our clients.  Our solutions are particularly designed for cruises, bus excursions, museums, conferences, and other cultural venues.  Our purpose is to make tours more enjoyable for guests, by making sure that they never have to struggle to hear the guide and they have the freedom to view the surroundings, instead of staying close to the guide. 

Since beginning of 2011 we have been part of Vox Network.

Starting in 2001, Vox Tours srl was the first company to introduce an innovative rental service of tour guide systems for guided group visits. A simple idea that has revolutionized the way organized group tours are managed: the guide talks using a wireless microphone and visitors listen to all the words of the explanation through an earpiece, even at a distance, while moving, in noisy environments and in a relaxed atmosphere.

Today tour guide systems are so widely used in major tourist areas that it’s hard to remember how tiring guided tours used to be in the past, when guides had to shout to be heard, visitors had to push their way through to listen and museums were noisier than markets. This is because VOX systems did not yet exist.